How your production compan or creative agency
can stop relying on referrals and double its revenue in just 8 weeks*.

How to grow your production company or creative agency during the crisis.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Free Video Training:

8 STEPS to stay profitable during the crisis and come out ahead:
+ Post-production / organization / processes
+ The importance of having cash reserves
+ Minimalistic is good (look at your profit margins)
+ Competition is getting wiped out
+ Observe and adapt
+ Digitalisation
+ Focus while everyone is panicking
+ Get better at SALES

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Free Video Training:

+ Your #1 problem as a production company or creative agency
Why you have this problem
+ How to uncover what’s holding you back
+ Introducing the Visual Marketing Method
+ How the VMM can help you stand out from competition
+ How to get your video production company to its full potential fast

*Results depend on the situation and current state of your business.
2x your revenue in such a short time is realistic and possible, but not every time and not for everyone.

The key to UNLOCK the full potential
of your agency

Once you implement this method, you will never want to go back to the way you do business now. 
Here’s why the effective combination of your creative services with the strategies and systems
of multi-million dollar companies is so powerful. 

1) The Visual Marketing Method – video production companies, creative agencies, and photography studios have their own unique creative and visual offer. The problem is, not many people know about it. Or at least not the right people.

2) Combined with solid marketing approach and systems of multi-million dollar companies, they stop relying on referrals and make sure their ideal clients reach out to them, online.

3) Implementing the right sales mindset and processes allows them to convert up to 3x more of their potential customers into real, paying clients and projects. While charging high prices.

4) The business now has constantly new projects, is in a strong position and ready to grow. Creating a solid business structure and systems for project management, advertising, finances, automation, hiring… assures everybody in the team does only what they’re best at and everything is under control and running smoothly as the business grows.

5) Dominate the competition and become #1 in your market (optional).

how to work with us

Make the most of your time, as well as ours.
We have a very clear and effective process and starting with us is very simple. 
BUT, since our approach is very professional, we expect the same from the people and businesses we work with. 
Our application process is designed to let through only serious business owners who are committed and strive to be the best.

Step 1

You read through the website, watch the free training video and apply for a free call by telling us a few basic things about your business.

Step 2

Once your application gets verified, someone from our team will call you and analyse the current state and the potential of your business.

Step 3

During our initial strategy call, together we will develop a custom strategy for your business using the Visual Marketing Method.
FREE of charge.


What happens on the strategy call and why it’s so incredibly valuable for you and your business?
Very few people offer you the opportunity to speak directly with an expert about your business completely for free.

During the initial free strategy call, you will speak with one of our experts. We make an in-depth analysis of your situation and goals and develop a strategy specific to your situation.

Our ultimate goal is to overcome any bottlenecks and issues that are currently holding you back, attract more high-quality clients and increase your monthly revenue, sometimes by as much as 2x within just 8 weeks.

If we determine we would be a good fit for a long-term collaboration and you decide to get onboard with us to start implementing the Visual Marketing Method, you will have the chance to do so at the end of the call. 
If not, at the very least you have the knowledge and a custom business strategy after the call.


What that means for you and your business.


Your life simply becomes easier.
You don't need to figure out anything yourself.
You'll have us as your trusted partner by your side, guiding you through a proven system.
Telling you what to do, what not to do and when.


Having an expert outside perspective on your business is invaluable. After a detailed analysis of how your business works, we'll be able to point out (often times major) bottlenecks and help you realise what your business is truly capable of.


After we have established a solid groundwork and created highly effective systems and workflows, onboarding more clients and scaling becomes almost effortless.


See if and how you can implement the Visual Marketing Method into YOUR video production company or creative agency and potentially double your revenue within 8 weeks.

who is michal sestak?

I’ve always been very creative and artistic – playing music instruments, drawing, designing.
As I started with photography and video, I knew what I want to do for life. I realised I can do what I love AND make really good money.  
Studying at film school, working in a creative agency in Germany,  and simultaneously running a freelance business as a photo- and videographer, I managed to get pretty successful and learned a lot about the industry.

Later on, after working in multi-million dollar firms and big names from the online marketing and sales sphere, in 2018 I started VideoPreneur Mentoring – personal coaching program for photographers and filmmakers. Helping them overcome their challenges, get more successful and reach their full potential. 

I realised it’s not only individuals, but also business owners that are having a hard time getting where they want to be. Struggling to attract their ideal clients, standing out from the competition, missing a solid business structure and systems that would allow them to scale, while having more clarity and free time.  

In 2020 I’ve launched VideoPreneur Business Consulting – focused on business owners, helping to get their creative agency, studio or video production company to the next level.

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