Taking Videographers and Creative Agencies to 5 and 6-figure months
without losing focus from creating.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

+ Your #1 problem as a production company or creative agency
+ Why you have this problem
+ Introducing the Visual Marketing Method
+ How to 2x or 3x your income within just 2 months
+ How to forget about competition
+ How to get your video production company to its full potential fast

*Results depend on the situation and current state of your business.
2x your revenue in such a short time is realistic and possible, but not every time and not for everyone.

3 reasons preventing creative production companies from making progress

You are passionate about what you do. You believe your work is really good. And so do your existing clients. They are happy to recommend you further or give you a testimonial. This alone isn’t a problem, is it.
What are the 3 reasons then? 

The success of your company doesn’t only depend on the quality of your services, but also on how many people know about you and how many of those people actually buy from you


You don't have a system that constantly brings you qualified people interested in working with you. All online, without you having to spent any time or effort on this.


Having enough interested people calling or writing you isn't enough. Without an effective sales process you won't turn enough of these people into real paying clients.


Not having reliable business systems/workflows in place prevents you from scaling. With the increasing number of projects, you feel overwhelmed and are losing focus from the creative work.

UNLOCK the full potential
of your agency

 The effective combination of your creative services with the marketing strategies
and sales systems of multi-million dollar companies. 

1) The Visual Marketing Method – video production companies, creative agencies, and photography studios have their own unique creative and visual offer. The problem is, not many people know about it. Or at least not the right people.

2) A solid marketing strategy allows you to stop relying on referrals and make sure your ideal clients reach out to you, online.

3) Implementing the right sales mindset and process allows you to turn up to 80% of those people into real, paying clients and projects. For much higher prices than you’re charging now.

4) Your business now has constantly new projects and is in a strong position to grow. Creating a solid structure and systems for project management, advertising, finances, automation and hiring team members. This allows for fast growth and scaling without complexity and chaos.  

5) Dominate the competition and become #1 in your market (optional).

Hey, this sounds too complicated!
All I want to do is create.

I get it. But it’s easier than you think. 
Having just basic understanding of these concepts and implementing them will actually HELP YOU have more free time to focus on the creative part of your business while significantly increasing your profits. 

how to work with us

Make the most of your time, as well as ours.

Step 1

Book your free call by telling us a few basic things about your business.

Step 2

During the intro call we analyse your business and you will learn where your biggest potential is.

Step 3

On the strategy call, you will learn exactly how to land more clients and increase your rates in a short time.


What happens on the strategy call and why it’s so incredibly valuable for you and your business?
Very few people offer you the opportunity to speak directly with an expert about your business completely for free.

During the initial call, we make an in-depth analysis of your situation and goals and develop a strategy specific to your situation.

Our ultimate goal is to overcome any bottlenecks and issues that are currently holding you back from attracting more qualified clients and increasing your monthly revenue.

We focus primarily on how you’re currently getting clients, what exact type of clients you want to work with, your branding and positioning of your creative offer, pricing, what happens after potential clients reach out to you and even scaling – creating systems and automation. 


What that means for you and your business.


Your life simply becomes easier.
You don't need to figure out anything yourself.
You'll have us as your trusted partner by your side, guiding you through a proven system.
Telling you what to do, what not to do and when.


Having an expert outside perspective on your business is invaluable. After a detailed analysis of how your business works, we'll be able to point out (often times major) bottlenecks and help you realise what your business is truly capable of.


After we have established a solid groundwork and created highly effective systems and workflows, onboarding more clients and scaling becomes almost effortless.

THE NEXT STEP TO more revenue

See if and how you can implement the Visual Marketing Method into YOUR business
and potentially double* your revenue within 8 weeks.

*Results depend on the situation and current state of your business.
2x your revenue in such a short time is realistic and possible, but not every time and not for everyone.

who is michal sestak?

I’ve always been very creative and artistic.. as I started with photography and video, I knew what I want to do for life. I realised I can do what I love AND make really good money.  
Studying at film school, working in a creative agency in Germany,  and simultaneously running a freelance business as a photo- and videographer, I managed to get pretty successful and learned a lot about the industry.

After working closely with multi-million dollar businesses and big names from the online marketing and coaching sphere, in 2019 I started the VideoPreneur Mentoring – personal coaching program for photographers and filmmakers. Helping them overcome their challenges, get more successful and reach their full potential. 

I realised it’s not only freelancers, but also business owners that are struggling with similar issues – attracting their ideal clients, standing out from the competition, missing a solid business structure and systems allowing them to grow, while having more clarity and free time.  

In 2020 I’ve launched VideoPreneur Business Consulting – focused on business owners, helping to get their creative agency, studio or video production company to the next level.

Michal on LinkedIn.

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