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we help language schools and private teachers
2x their income in just 8 weeks

Teaching you how to
 improve branding and online presence
+ get high-quality clients online automatically and efficiently.
+ position yourself as an expert and leader in the industry and charge premium prices.
+ keep clients 100% satisfied and build an amazing reputation in just a few weeks.
+  automate repetitive processes and scale your business.

the process

You decide to apply for a free strategy session. One of our coaches will go through your application. He will call you! (completely free and convenient for you). Together we will discuss your current situation and your goals. If we decide that you are a good fit and that we are able to help you, we’ll schedule the strategy call with you and Michal. 

During the strategy call, together we will go through the optimal strategy for your business. This will be a clear step by step plan on how you can get from your current situation to your desired situation. Within these 30-45 minutes alone, you will receive massive value and get information and tips you have never gotten before.

If you then decide to work with us on a longer basis (meaning you are really serious about your business and want to take it to the next level) we will implement all the strategies together. I will teach you everything you need to know about getting new high-quality clients, increasing your prices, creating an automated teaching course and growing your business.While working less and having more freedom. 

Within just 8 weeks, you will reach your desired goals. With the help of premium 1on1 personal coaching, constant support and the correct tools.
I am here with you and for you. I will keep you accountable and push you to execute until you achieve your results.

your benefit


Teaching clients online, you will gain 100% location independence. On top of that, your business structure and teaching will be mostly automated and more efficient, giving you much more free time and flexibility


You will learn how to restructure your offer and reach clients who are willing to pay 1000€ and more for your services!


You are no longer struggling for low-quality, low-paying clients. You will decide how many, and what kind of clients you want to take on. You will be in the position of control. 


You will receive from us only the very essential strategies and tools that actually work. Simple. Effective. You will have the feeling of clarity and structure at all times so you can focus on what you love and do best – teach.


MSConsutling was recommended to me by a friend. After a short time already, we have reached our goals. I am extremely grateful and definitely recommend MSConsulting to any business striving to be more than average.
Joel Schade

After working with Michal from MSConsulting, I have gained clarity in my business and we have worked on a structured strategy that resulted in getting qualified prospects almost automatically. Our website was optimized and in combination with the right marketing campaigns, we saw a 300% boost in people who wanted to work with us. Everything was being monitored and tracked in a clear, simple way.  We knew exactly what our ideal clients want and how to deliver it to them - charging 2x higher prices than before. 

Christian Bubeck

“Quality will remain long after the price is forgotten.” 
– Henry Royce


We’ll look at your current situation and business structure and develop a step-by-step strategy to make your business more efficient and ultimately increase your profitability. 

about michal sestak

Within the last 2 years, Michal had the chance to be a part of and work with large international 7-figure companies. He learned online marketing and everything around business from the best in the field. He was always very driven and successful in many fields, but seeing how consulting and the right input from a mentor can literally change people’s lives, he has become extremely passionate about the topic and dedicated his life to helping people in the form of business coaching.
After talking to a couple of language teachers, he realised most of them are great in what they do, but don’t have the necessary business skills to be really successful. Struggling to get good students, undervaluing their services, having too many low-paying, demanding students causing them to have 0 free time and burn-out, dealing with student cancelations. The list goes on.
Helping one language school quadruple their revenue in just 2 weeks, just by tweaking a few things in their business, gave him the motivation and determination to help language school owners specifically to succeed in their business. 

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